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The Dream Is Dead

Letter of Resignation (Morphius)
by Adrian Bromley

Bet you never thought you'd hear the phrase "noisecore/hardcore/metal supergroup"... Indianapolis supergroup The Dream Is Dead (featuring ex-members of Burn It Down, Harikari, and Sutek Conspiracy) come together quite nicely as a team, working hard to dish out a threatening dose of heaviness that'll shake foundations. This five-song EP is an explosive array of metallic hardcore grooves, politically-charged, in-your-face, and unforgiving. Clocking in at just over 11 minutes, Letter of Resignation shows just how much power can be delivered in such a short period of time. Okay guys, lock yourselves in a rehearsal room and bring on the full-length!
(PO Box 1211 Columbus, IN 47202)  

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