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Common Cold | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

The Common Cold

(Action Driver)
by Tim Den

Boston's answer to Slint... if Slint were instrumental, really loud, and mating with Tristeza while wearing 300 Rat pedals as jimmy hats. The Common Cold are not instrumental math rock for the weak: It's volcanic, turbulent, and the most pummeling orgy of guitar noodlings you've ever heard. Sure, the band bring it down during plenty of psyche-out moments, but then it's right back to the deafening, wailing crunch again. The Common Cold need no words to state their mission: "Interwoven" doesn't have to mean "wussy." The blood pouring out of your ears after listening to this album proves it.
(PO Box 610 Toldeo, OH 43697)  

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