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Bouncing Souls | Anti-Flag | Split Series Vol IV | review | punk | Lollipop

The Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag

Split Series Volume IV (BYO)
by Grady Gadbow

If I was as popular with teenage girls as The Bouncing Souls... I'd be in a lot of trouble is what I'd be. Plus, I don't think I could handle all the giggling and gossip.

"No Security" is a surprisingly pertinent rant in a year when all the political bands have retreated into the comforting safety of anti-racism or not eating at McDonalds. Too bad it didn't dig any deeper than "I can't believe the lies they tell me on TV!" Yeah dude, way to take a stand. Of course, you can't get too specific or your issue might be a moot point before the album hits the stands. Then where would you be? Hollering "no blood for oil!" eleven years after the Gulf War, that's where. On the other hand, pop culture is cyclical. You never know what's gonna come around.

Like ska, for instance. I thought that Frankenstein's monster had long sense been overcome by rioting peasants and all its components returned to their respective graveyards, and damned if there ain't little ska breakdowns on both sides of the brand new BYO split. It seems it's under control though, and not been allowed to run rampant now that people found out it was dangerous.

The old double bass petal is acting up on The Bouncing Souls side, filling up the low end solid, leaving no room for what music fans call "a beat." Fucking drummers.

The Anti-Flag side has ska monsters too, but they also have ominous guitar intros that I kinda like. The songs are pretty well developed with lots of different parts and no shortage of righteous indignation. Your boy goes "...if the heads of state want to end terrorism, they should go ahead and kill themselves!" Way to sound off like you got a pair.
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