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Bad Vibes | Hate Your Everything | review | punk | Lollipop

The Bad Vibes

Hate Your Everything (Steel Cage)
by Duke Crevanator

Power chords, relentless drum pounding, the bass mixed way loud, and nearly unintelligible screaming lyrics are just what I like. If you like it too, then The Bad Vibes are most likely your cup of tea. They remind me of their fellow Philly residents Limecell, although not quite at their level. However, considering how good Limecell are, to be even close to their league shows that The Bad Vibes are worth a listen. "Drunk on Sour Grapes" is by far the best track on the CD. I listened to that one three times in a row. One complaint, the CD is a little short, but aren't they all these days?
(PO Box 29247 Philadelphia, PA 19125)

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