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The Ataris

...Anywhere But Here (Kung Fu)
by Emily Joyce

A reissue of The Ataris' 1997 Kung Fu Records debut, ...Anywhere but Here is emotional, lyrical pop punk at its finest. Frontman Kris Roe and friends pump out sweet three-minute blasts of sincerity and rock all at once. This reissue is an inspiring collection of songs influenced by Roe's days of despair when The Ataris were just Roe with a guitar/bass and a drum machine. ...Anywhere but Here is now the improved version Roe always wanted to give fans. The CD tells the story of Roe from his near-homeless days in Santa Barbara to contemplating the move back to small town Anderson, Indiana, to finally achieving success in 2001. The disc is remastered and remixed with the same harmonies and guitar parts that serve as the outline for pop punk today. An enhanced video portion and picture gallery is also included, as is an unreleased track, "Anderson."
(PO Box 38009 Hollywood, CA 90038)

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