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The Right to Remain Silent (Crucial Blast)
by Craig Regala

Fuck yeah, "our" kinda carryin' on. Anyone who has a taste for dynamic mixed metal/rock juggling ("hey, get your classic rock outta my progressive rock!, no you get your post-NoMeansNo prog punk outta my power jazz fusion"!) can feed at this trough. Perfectly cobbled together singerless math rock roots are grafted to a swooping hard-edge logic that could drop these guys on a bill with Devin Townsend and King Crimson, therein providing a high energy, open-minded evening for all. It never devolves into a doodlefest or gets to the boo-headed gunk that sank so many H.O.R.D.E. bands.
(PO Box 364 Hagerstown, Maryland 21741)

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