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Beautiful Trash (BYO)
by Grady Gadbow

Sixer, eh? Hell, I'd need at least a twelve pack to get into this album. Ha! No shit though, this is drinking music. Loud, sing-along punk rock. Yeah, buddy.

These guys came up in Richmond, VA, which makes sense in an Avail sort of way but not in a Born Against sort of way, if you know what I mean. In fact, I'll get the comparisons out of the way right now: They sound exactly like Social Distortion meets Rancid. That's alright if you like those bands, and goddammit, I like Rancid (except for Life Won't Wait) and Social Distortion too, so fuck off.

These guys probably put on really fun shows, what with fans singing along to the melodic vocals to which they undoubtedly know every word cuz they're sitting on top of the mix like Janet Jackson, for chrissake. Sing-along punk rock sounds way fuckin' better when the stage amps blow away the shitty old PA which is on ten and breaking up but you can still hear the guy cuz he's screaming and sweating blood. Fuck...

Sixer have an earlier LP and an EP on TKO which might be a little scruffier, I don't know. The Beltones are on that label, and they sound real scruffy. The Beltones are one of those bands you see play a gnarly show and then you buy the record and're all worried it won't sound tuff when you get it home, but by God it's just as good as live and that rules! Not everybody can be so lucky...
(PO Box 67A64 Los Angeles, CA 90067)

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