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Sick Of It All | Live in a Dive | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Sick Of It All

Live in a Dive (Fat)
by Tim Den

No matter how old (or jaded) you get, there's no denying how much fun a Sick Of It All live show can be. All the bravado, testosterone, steamroller-adrenaline of classic NYHC in perfect balance with street-smart Gotham City humor... a fucking good time, every time. Other hardcore bands waste time by either trying to be too tough or too funny, but Sick Of It All are such naturals that the two elements blend together like only NY homegrowns can. In between blistering anthems lie witty stage banter; like kids playing baseball on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. It's all about being tougher and more fun than the next, and no one's better at it than Sick Of It All.

Live in a Dive has the band tear through songs from every one of their records, sounding as blood-boilingly exciting as the first hardcore show you ever went to. There's nothing quite like hearing Lou Koller scream "we are Sick Of It All from New York City!" It blinds me with cranium-bursting adrenaline. After 15+ years, these guys are still one of the best live bands on Earth.
(PO Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119)

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