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Safety In Numbers | Build and Structure | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Safety In Numbers

Build and Structure (Triple Crown)
by Emily Joyce

Safety in Numbers is the side project of Hot Rod Circuit's vocalist/guitarist Alan Jackson. As frontman again, he uses HRC's formula and sound and it works successfully on this unhyped debut. Jackson's songs follow the basic themes of trying to keep girls and trying to get away from them. "Waiting around" proclaims, "I've been breaking my plans for a week/just trying to keep you/waiting around." The hardest-sounding song is "Braswell," which provides some variety and motion to the debut. Jackson's strong, distinct voice adds character and emotion to his music, which would otherwise be typical, steady, harmony, indie rock.
(331 West 57th St. #472 New York, NY 10019)

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