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Solid State (Dead Beat)
by Craig Regala

Fast rocker punk shit with a Stooges quote, a Motörhead rip, and a non-pop presentation that works just goddamn great. Imagine a hardcore band in '83 playing sped-up Nuge riffs. Imagine'm opening for Poison Idea. Imagine you going "Holy fuck!" I love this kinda thing: 9th-generation hopped-up Eddie Cochran dirt rock. No Tank covers though, so maybe it's not quite as greaseball metalish as I think it is. Who cares what I "think," I just told you what I know. By hardcore, I don't mean the DC stuff either. I mean like Battalion of Saints and early Ch3. Thanks for letting me clear that up. Oh yeah, they do a Girlschool cover, the answer to The Saints' "Demolition Girl."
(PO Box 283, Los Angeles, CA 90078)

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