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Moistboyz | III | review | rock | Lollipop


III (Ipecac)
by Scott Hefflon

Moistboyz are an odd mix of rude, high-octane gonzo rock produced noisy in places and, like, high-school metal band shitty in others (remember how Zodiac Mindwarp's snarl was always kinda undermined by Def Leppard production?), but '70s duh rock sold tons in its day, and much of this is just as shirtless and brainless. There are tips and rips to classic rock'n'metal galore, either as homage or just cuz the guys liked the riff from "You've Got Another Thing Coming" so they decided to use it in a couple of songs. Vocals are often distorted like Ministry, snarl like Nashville Pussy, and while much of the guitarwork is '70s desert dry (meaning it doesn't jibe with the industrial howl), the mixture of mid-tempo stick-twirlin' and mini-skirt swirlin' with the moonshine'n'cocaine barnburning howdowns keeps the juices flowin' pretty good. Not deep like Monster Magnet, not as dumb as nü metal, it ain't Swede rock, it's pure American yahoo guns, booze'n'titties dirt rock.

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