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Lo Hi

Say it More (Tiger Style)
by Craig Regala

Simple snappy NYC analog to '78-'84 New Wave juiced by the no-wave skronk of the same time. Clangy but not noisy. I'm sure they could gig with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and everyone'd be just fine with it. Clean female vocals, occasional organ fills, geeky squared-off rhythms, a bit of horseshit minimalist pretension (but hey, it's NY, it's in the water). Reminds me how good the first couple Talking Heads recs were. So, it's not as gonzo as West Coast faves The Epoxies, but I'm sure they could snuggle up in your room just fine. The tunes are there, the guitar sounds great, and I'll give'm a crisp $10 bill if they do a Certain General cover.
(149 Wooster St. 4th Fl., New York, NY 10012)

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