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Kill Whitey! (Go-Kart)
by Duke Crevenator

After listening to this record, all I could think of was the line my fictional hero, A. Pinkus, from the film Black Belt Jones said; "Boy, don't start talking all that communist shit!" Bands like these are so fucking lame. I will say it's well-produced and the riffs are good. Too bad it's all wasted on lame lyrics about totally pathetic politics. Of course, the band members have their first amendment rights to espouse ignorant shit about things they really have no clue about. More power to 'em to reveal to the world how foolish they are. I do have a question for Go-Kart though: How can you release a band as amazingly cool and non-PC as The Meatmen on one hand, and then release this pablum for the future commies (or PC Nazis, take your pick) of America on the other?
(PO Box 20 Prince St. Sta. New York, NY 10012)

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