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A Clear Perspective of Nothing (Rotten)
by Vinnie Apicella

See what happens when you indulge the kid? They end up producing immoral, indefinable, indefensible, sour-faced records with ten tracks of moral discontent, covering up with shit, flies, fiend-movie clips, and foul language that foams in the face of Sunday school decency. And even better, they're from the heartland, St. Louis, which is not otherwise known for producing piss-pouring, edge-of-sanity, nü metal lunatics with no real agenda for anything but gratuitous in-studio splatter scenes. And how low can you go? Broke's so out of their minds, you almost have to take them seriously for fear of missing something completely brilliant... Without going into great detail, "great" inasmuch as we can climb one or another verse and not miss much of the next X-rated episode, where a tune like "Dead Girls" who "don't say no," [check out the late '80s speedmetal classic "Dead Girls Don't Say No" by Indestroy and be humbled, boys - ed.] or "Erection Day," become red"erect"ed frustration made to order for the sidewalk psycho looking for the inevitable bend over. A Clear Perspective of Nothing is an acquired taste, a low-grounded and loud near-death-experience with the occasional hook, scream/whisper/rap vox underlying the sinister, schizophrenic mood and groove-core slam made for the shallow end of the cerebral pool.
(PO Box 56 Upland, CA 91786)


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