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Girls Get Busy (Lookout!)
by Jamie Kiffel

Bratmobile Makes its Comeback: A Haiku
Think I'm just a girl?
I'm scarier than Korn. How?
I shout just one note!

Lock the doors and plug your ears, men. These women are here to punk you out of the room... the old-fashioned way. They'll shout on one repetitive note (the words change but the music stays the same!) until you wave your tightie-whities in total surrender!

As the PR release states, "Bratmobile was a first-generation Riot Grrrl band." Allison Wolfe and Molly Neuman rocked almost as hard as Bikini Kill until 1994, when they split up. But today, with Neuman as general manager and co-owner of Lookout! Records, the band is back with the addition of Marylander Erin Smith. Says Neuman: "We are older now... more mature in our music..."

This review has been interrupted by an injunction from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Bratmobile Girls Get Busy has been declared a certifiable weapon of mass destruction capable of driving male listeners to insanity and DFOM (Deadly Fear of Menstruation). All copies have been taken into U.S. governmental custody and will be embargoed until the U.S. army has been outfitted with proper listening equipment (earplugs; riot gear; chocolate; Motrin). At that time, the sounds on this disc will be aimed in the direction of the Middle East. We expect that all terrorist activities will immediately cease due to a sudden urge to run in another direction, whatever direction that may be. There should also be the added benefit of the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as the immediate rush to cram oneself into the nearest cave will bring all opposing parties together in solidarity of cause (ie. find Osama and use his head as a muting device for the multiple Bratmobile amplifiers). After this action is successfully executed, the UN will hold a peace meeting, prizes will be awarded, declarations stated, wars concluded, and everyone will engage in Pinochle.

Please surrender all copies of this CD to your local Army recruiting officer. And thank you, in the name of peace, justice and the American way, whatever way you might happen to prefer. Hey, we all like to wear the same uniforms. Makes us feel more secure. Solid. United. Manly. You got a problem with that, pinko?
(PO Box 14841 Berkeley, CA 94712)

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