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Goth Chic | Connoisseurs Guide to Dark Culture | review | book | Lollipop

Goth Chic: A Connoisseur's Guide to Dark Culture

by Gavin Baddeley (Plexus Publishing)
By Pia Schachter

Hey! I see you poking fun at that pale Goth girl with black lipstick, and mocking her fey male counterpart in the rubber pants. Stop being so mean. If you're a metalhead, death doomer, stoner, or horror punker, you may have more Goth in you than you'd care to admit. Gavin Baddeley's easy-to-read guide sketches out the history of this voluptuously gloomy subculture. He starts with the original Goths – a tribe of Germanic barbarians who swept into Western Europe in the fourth century – and brings the story up to the present: Today's Goths are multicolored, hair-extensioned cuties decked out in fetish wear, dancing to ethereal, electro-industrial music like butterflies with damaged wings.

Although your typical headbanger might deny his or her Goth side, Baddely shows that metalheads and other lovers of the loud and brutal share many influences with Goths. Basically, we're all descended from vampire flicks, The X-Files, and H.P. Lovecraft books. We're all tribes of the same deviant breed – Gothic. Gothic Chic wallows in everything sumptuously heathenish and debauched in literature, art, fashion, cinema, and music.

This book pried my eyes open to a world I was too stuck up to take note of. I might be a death metal momma, but I am hands down a Goth girl, too.

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