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Drastic/E.P.Royalty (TKO)
by Duke Crevanator

The people at TKO records deserve a fucking big-ass trophy, like the kind they gave Cactus Jack for winning the "King of the Death Match" tournament. This CD (or you can get the limited-edition vinyl version) contains the first two Antiseen EPs, Drastic ('85) and E.P. Royalty ('86). These two ultra-rare early records of Antiseen are now readily available to even people like me who can't afford to spend booze/drug/gambling money on super expensive eBay auctions. This release is what it is, the early incarnations of the Kings of Destructo rock. For fans of '80s punk/hardcore, you can't go wrong buying this. For modern fans of Antiseen, y'all will either love it or hate it. If you're a modern fan and you hate it, I personally think you shouldn't be allowed to listen to Antiseen at all. Lastly, whether you hate them, love them, or are indifferent, I can unequivocabally state that if you ever see Antiseen live, you'll get far more than your money's worth. Best live band EVER!
(3126 W. Cary St. #303 Richmond, VA 23221)


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