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Saviour (The End)
by Scott Hefflon

Ex-Anathema bassist Duncan Patterson and long-time friend Michael Moss bring in some special guests (couple decent female singers and Anathema guitarist Danny Cavannagh), flirt with Portishead styles, and release a hauntingly beautiful album worth listening to from end to end, again and again. When I first played Saviour, I shut off the phone ringer, closed my eyes, and let it wash over me. Aside from a few clunky moments (hey, they're still finding their legs), this new project will chill like the cold industrial moments of a Metropolis release, and then warm you like dawn breaking after a long night of drinking hard, chain-smoking, wondering why you even bother to inhale another breath. Ahhh, beauty... Like an awakening scene in a movie, the sparse, echoy guitar eases the mind, and faerie-like vocals dance on lilipads of ideas, stormclouds on the horizon noted and ignored, for now... Male vocals whisper like Gavin, but the richness and honesty of the music is like nothing Bush could ever come close to. In a more perfect world, Antimatter would be huge; girls would listen to them while absently brushing their hair, thinking of Him, and young men would listen to them, fighting back the tears welling up, wishing they had the courage to tell Her how they truly feel. A gorgeous, subdued, heartfelt record by a band we're truly blessed to have in our presence.
(331 Rio Grande #58 SLC, UT 84101)

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