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The Spitfires

Three (Longshot)
by Craig Regala

30 years after Kiss started repacking the mid-'60s big beat chords filched from The Stones and Dave Clark Five, The Spitfires rebarf 'em to good effect. Less garagey than The Hives, less Detroit than Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, and more big beat rock and roll than Tight Bro's From Way Back When. These guys need to hook up with Supersuckers/The Hellacopters rock and roll juggernaut. Notes say they've played with 'em both already, so everyone's friends, etc. Along with Tricky Woo and Resin Scrapper, The Spitfires are one of my three favorite Canadian bands "of this sort." Hidden track is one of those AC/DC ballads* you can never get too little of. Not to be like "statist" or anything, but if they wanna do a cover, how about prime Canadian band Slow? One of the great rock and roll bands from anywhere, anytime.

*Not tellin'. Ask the Internet. Discovery is 2/3rds the fun.  

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