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High Violets | 44 Down | review | psychedelic | alterntive | rock | Lollipop

The High Violets

44 Down (Reverb)
by Jamie Kiffel

Tripped out, spaced up, wide open and rising pearlescent on clouds coming out the top of your cranium - this is the sighing psychedelic sound of The High Violets. Gentle as indie Brit pop, yogic as Delirium without heavy techno-mixing, this would be a fine soundtrack to any cinematic LSD trip. What makes The High Violets special among bong-hit-flavored bands is Kaitlyn ni Donovan's smooth, seductive alto: A personal low confidante rather than a blitzed-out kid with a guitar. Invite a few friends, pass around the surrealist lit, tune in, turn on, and drop out of the psychedelic norm. Rise, instead, on a consciousness-raising glitter of sound.

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