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The Chase Theory

In Pursuit of Excellence (Onedaysavior)
by Tim Den

I've been a fan of The Chase Theory's ever since their song "Pharoahs and Kings" knocked the rest of The Emo Diaries Chapter III out of it socks. A self-released full-length (Scrapbook) and a few years later, the Florida trio are back and better than ever. Though only an EP, ...In Pursuit of Excellence packs more chops, hooks, and production value than most indie labels' entire rosters. Slick execution (waydago, Danny! Work that bass!), gorgeous middle-eights (as they call 'em in "the biz"), and an overall sublime, emotional songwriting style are The Chase Theory's bread and butter... and from the sound of things, their creativity's gettin' well-fed.

"Alarmist" delivers smooth breakdowns, "Disenchanted" and "Faster We Run" push your sentimental buttons with anthemic choruses and serene bridges, "Exercise in Self-Adjustment" comes up with the best vocal line Elliott never wrote... you simply can't lose with these guys. An emo band for the smart kids!
(PO Box 372 Williston Park, NY 11596)  

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