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Cells | We Can Replace You | review | punk | rock | Lollipop

The Cells

We Can Replace You (Orange)
by Katy Shea

This Chicago trio seriously rawks. On their debut, We Can Replace You, The Cells throw us (hey catch!) some hard and sweet pop/punk hooks, noisy guitars, Pixies bass lines, and engagingly smart lyrics. The vocal harmonies, led by frontman (the charismatic and multi-talented) Cory Hance, are consistently above average and add a musical depth (meat) to their power pop/indie punk mix that is so often missing in other acts of similar ilk.

Positive, jangly, power pop, glam showing influences from The Pixies, The Clash and Nirvana, to Weezer and Fountains of Wayne. The Cells appear to be far more aware of their roots than most and transcend their genre because of it. Expect more to come from these boys in the windy city. They've got something here.
(2248 Panorama Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90039)  

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