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Slackjaw | Darkest Hour | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop


Darkest Hour (No Karma)
by Tim Den

This band has been around for ten years? Where the fuck have I been? Just another example of how genius often gets buried under so much worthless, corporate crap. Slackjaw is (supposedly) one of the most admired indie rock bands from the Pacific Northwest, and Darkest Hour proves why. With silky guitar curves like a runway model, the album stares at you with icy eyes and burns you with scathing desperation. An army of details floating atop airy atmospheric sounds, it'd be a crime to categorize Slackjaw as simply a rock band. These guys are sculptors... conceivers... deliverers. From the coasts of emotive soul-searching, they've fished an eternity's worth of melancholy for you. Don't disappoint them.
(PO Box 71203 Milwaukee, WI 53211)


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