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Remembering Never | She Looks So Good In Red | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Remembering Never

She Looks So Good In Red (Ferret)
by Adrian Bromley

Right from the get-go, Remembering Never's debut is worthy of praise and support. Strong melodic grooves meshed within a real aggressive hardcore/metallic frame - though not all the time. Think Poison The Well or From Autumn To Ashes with a bit more edge to it. The great thing about this album is the rollercoaster ride of emotion and song structures carved into the musical arrangements (i.e. "To the Girl I Loved for an Hour" and "Meadows"). This band has begun to stir up a good buzz and come album two, Remembering Never should be primed for stardom. Fingers crossed.
(47 Wayne St #3 Jersey City, NJ 07302)  

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