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Opium Jukebox

Nver Mind the Bhangra, Here's The (Underground, Inc.)
by Lex Marburger

It's wacky, it's funky, it's got a dot on its forehead... That ever-mercurial Martin Atkins and friends apparently got extremely high, picked up a sitar, did some drum'n'bass programming, and covered The Sex Pistols songs. These blessed-out pistols are good for freaking out friends (and, at this point, even family) when you don't tell 'em what yer doin'. Just pop on ...Bhangra... get the volume low-to-medium, and wait for the inevitable, "Wait. What the fuck is this?" You get "Anarchy in the UK," "God Save the Queen," "Pretty Vacant," "Bodies," "Holidays in the Sun," "EMI," "New York," and even "My Way." If nothing else, it's better than the disco covers on The Great Rock and Roll Swindle.
(PO Box 16008 Chicago, IL 60616)  

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