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Noise Ratchet

Noise Ratchet

Till We Have Faces (Militia Group)
by Scott Hefflon

While some might find it ironic that I love melodic death metal (like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, if you don't get out much) but hate most emo cuz the singers can't sing (which makes them 'ers if you think about it, which most emo kids haven't) but there are a couple songs on Noise Ratchet's debut full-length that are so nice, I forget the singer is getting close to the notes, but is really just throwing his voice in the general direction of the high notes and hoping that'll do. Lots of kiddie bands do this, and they seem to get away with it, but anyone over 18 probably wonders how. But something about the chorus of "Game Over" is so simple and honest, I forgive the rest. The same thing happened with The Ataris when I first heard them. The trick now is to see if Noise Ratchet can pull it together and really learn how to sing and play and write great songs before the novelty wears off and they're just another emo band who started "strong" (with a healthy dose of "benefit of the doubt," whether they know it or not) and ends up back at their day jobs when people once again want singers who can actually sing.
(7923 Warner Ave #K Huntington Beach, CA 92647)


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