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Millions of Dead Cops

Millions of Dead Cops

Now More Than Ever (Beer City)
by Scott Hefflon

Millions Of Dead Cops, or MDC, are an important punk band, and this 31-song retrospective collects favorite tracks from most of their records over the last 20+ years. They still tour, from what I hear. A friend of mine taped a copy of one of their records for me back in '87 or so, and this CD sounds only a little better, but that's part of the charm. Dry and straight-forward, this is fast and angry, political and sometimes silly, a mixture that simply doesn't occur in the overly self-conscious punk rock world of today. While other fans may have different faves, I still to this day can and do recite the lyrics to "John Wayne Was a Nazi" and "My Family is a Little Weird" (kinda like Ramones' "We're a Happy Family"), and plenty of others remind me of a shitty car crammed with punks on the way to a show, the smell of leather jackets, Schaeffer beer, rot gut vodka, and tooth paste (works like hair gel, masks body odor) in the air, yelling along to 30-second blasts of state-smashing goodness.
(PO Box 26085 Milwaukee, WI 53226)  

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