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Limp | review | punk | Lollipop


by Scott Hefflon

Limp has great covers. Their last, Guitarded was just as simple and funny as this one. Limp, surprisingly, has slowed down. Not that they've gone emo or anything so tragic, but instead of flying along at, say, Strung Out paces, they're rolling along like Nerf Herder. Hagfish might even be mentioned. And without saying the songs are bad or dull, they're just kinda sparce and relaxed, which, uh, makes for kinda sleepy punkpop, ya know? Weezer could do it (sometimes), most of their knock-offs fail but for different reasons, and punk/indie bands like Bad Astronaut are simply far better songwriters and, well, Joey could sing the side-effects of some new wonderdrug and I'd get teary-eyed.
(PO Box 192027 San Francisco, CA 94119)

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