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Hey Mercedes | Weekend EP | review | altermative | rock | Lollipop

Hey Mercedes

The Weekend E.P. (Vagrant)
by Tim Den

Outtakes that are actually better than some of the full-length's tracks! "Save a Life," with its hollering chorus and tasty arpeggios, sure beats the lame ass "Quit" (off Everynight Fire Works). The speedy "Everybody's Working for the Weak" - nasty, brilliant key change and syncopation during the bridge and all - is light years better than "Haven't Been This Happy." Why were these songs b-sides and Japan-only imports again? The Weekend E.P. shouldn't be passed up not only cuz everything Hey Mercedes pens turns to gold, but also cuz these songs simply sizzle. There's even a secret cover of that '80s song that goes "I promise you... I promise you!" ["The Promise" by When In Rome. Hey, how do you think I got this job? - ed.]
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