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On Your Way (Co-op Pop)
by Katy Shea

The Irish born Flynn (it's a Cher/Madonna first-name-only kinda deal) came to America (specifically Boston) with a dream to be a star. He co-founded The Cliffs of Dooneen, achieved national acclaim and popularity, then had a terrible ladder accident that almost left him paralyzed. He then began a long and arduous process of surgery, pain, and rehabilitation. Now he's back and, unfortunately, his personal story is far more touching, engaging, and interesting than anything on his CD On Your Way. This music reminds me of last call at the Purple Shamrock on a Friday night (it doesn't matter if you've never been there, use your imagination): All empty sentiment, bright shiny lights, and meaningless lines. The CD is full of upbeat lyrics and pop cheer, but the music is so uninspired and insipid I just can't go there with them.

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