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Death Threat | For God Government | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Death Threat

For God & Government (Triple Crown)
by Adrian Bromley

No need to hide messages in the lyrics or song titles, Death Threat hang it all out in plain view for us to see. And boy are they pissed off! Death Threat are living proof that the real essence of hardcore is alive and well in North America. Just check out the title track, "The Time is Now," and "Bombs Will Fly." Unlike the style and sound that hardcore has evolved into over the past few years, bands like Death Threat are making sure the roots of hardcore are as steadfast and razor-sharp as they were 15 years ago. This'll definitely have the hardcore mosh pits flowing with aggression and attitude.
(331 West 57th St. #472 New York, NY 10019)  

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