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Counterfeit (Moonshine)
by Scott Hefflon

Counterfeit is an electronic record for people who think electronic music is just pounding beats and looped samples that were kinda fun the first few of the 100 times they repeated, but really got, ya know, repetitive after a while. The kinda stuff that "builds" from a basic beat, adding layer upon layer of percussion, until three minutes in, you're still waiting for the "song" to start, but you realize that's it, that they're now gonna "break it down" and add elements in different orders and flip-flop the whatthefuck, and you start to regret having too many brain cells to like hip-hop or emo or even nü metal or formulaic fluff like Destiny's Child cuz at least those birds perform songs.

Counterfeit has dynamics. Geeks will talk about this beat or that, this layering or that, I just know "hey, this chick can sing!" I'd say it sounds kinda like Björk, but it's just that general tone, ya know? I can sure live without the male rapper shit, but that's what FF is for, right? Hell, even the instrumental stuff is top-notch, and I usually hate that shit when not used in car commercials, video games, or when I'm dancing horizontally. Speaking of commercials and games, Cirrus has been used in such places as Zoolander, The Real World, Road Rules, Mortal Combat II, and Gran Turismo 3. And most of those are pretty reputable. The bio claims they rock live, which, with the mystic-sounding female vocals back-to-back with funky mo-bass and hands-in-the-air ass-shakers (annoying rapper or not), I might just buy. Great for long, late night drives.
(8525 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069)  

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