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Cherry Thirteen | Guilty as Sin | review | rock | Lollipop

Cherry Thirteen

Guilty as Sin (Devil Doll)
by Craig Regala

Electric Frankenstein singer/guitarist Steve Miller's a busy guy. He leads this unit that'd make most of Electric Frankenstein's audience go "uh, OK..." Same general territory, but closer to '70s arena rock ala the first Montrose rec and some April Wine song I can't remember the title of but Doug Flutie's band (the Flutie Bros) do it. It lacks the wide-eyed "we're gonna get over big fuckin' time" feel this shit had when it was being germinated. The hair was better back then, too. Plus, as good a song as "Atomic Punk"* is, no one should try to grapple with it unless they turn it "out." Way "out."
(PO Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)
* Van Halen's first LP; a good one for regular aging retards and you.  

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