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Sle.ep (One Day Savior)
by Tim Den

I had the review written already just from looking at the band photo inside the CD booklet. Guys with tattoos getting in touch with their sensitivity by wearing tight black shirts and looking at their shoes. Not again...

But then I played the disc. FUCK. ME. Am I a presumptuous ass or what? Maybe, instead of paying attention to what the band looks like, I should've picked up on the clues the rest of the CD booklet was handing me: Faded, black & white pictures of the '50s shimmering like lifetimes of regret, begging not to be forgotten, begging for their existential pain to be remembered. This is the sound of Celebrity. Swirling, broken ghosts serenading long lost secrets; the gentleness in the callouses of your father's hands. Volumes of pain, floating through eternity like poltergeists that just won't go away. The sounds of Sle.ep awaken the past within you... how will you stand up to their cries?
(PO Box 372 Williston Park, NY 11596)  

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