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Brothers of Conquest

All the Colors of Darkness (Go-Kart)
by Craig Regala

Is this a piss take on '80s garage rocker metal? Or an homage? Almost to mid-period Boulder for "NWOBHM bootleg" quality 'tard hoopla. Kinda the bastard son of the Orange Goblin/Alabama Thunder Pussy shows scenting our nation's soul/soil this past spring. Rocker metal by guys who truly fed off jean jackets, shop class, Novas, and Eddie* t-shirts as youth. The singer fronted The Hookers, but this is a different trip, which should still appeal to the same club-goers. The greasy growl and heisted third-generation WASP riffage poke their nose into nice melodic leads. Some of the dumbest lyrics this side of death metal, too. What, no cover of "Fuck Like A Beast?" That song's great! Get the wax and play the 45 on 33, "I got pictures of naked ladies..."
(PO Box 20 Prince St. Sta. New York, NY 10012)

*Eddie. You know, the Iron Maiden mascot? Boulder said if they got a big enough advance for the new rec, they'd each get a section of Eddie as a tat so it'd make up the whole.

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