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Bleeding Through | Portrait of the Goddess | review | metal | Lollipop

Bleeding Through

Portrait of the Goddess (Indecision)
by Adrian Bromley

You'd think that hardcore, metal, blastbeats and keyboards would be the last items that could come together to make something interesting to spin, but then again, anything can happen. Welcome Bleeding Through, a solid and truly unique blend of metal intensity and hardcore aggression that works in a big way, thanks in part to some killer keyboard work (subtle, but very important) and a creative approach to making it sound tight, not a jumbled mess of ideas forced to work together. Hats off to Bleeding Through for showing initiative, doing something different, and not following trends. This is good shit! Check out "Rise," "Just Another Pretty Face," and "I Dream of July."
(PO Box 5781 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)  

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