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Ambition Mission | You Name It We Hate It | review | punk | Lollipop

Ambition Mission

You Name It, We Hate It (Community Shower)
by Scott Hefflon

Oh, the band already broke up... Well, it kinda defeats the purpose of me saying "Hey, you gotta check out this vital punk band I just discovered that's like The Distillers, only yelpier and, well, not as good but whatcha expect?!?" Ambition Mission did some splits with bands I've never heard of on a label I never heard of (Community Shower, cool name cuz everyone thinks punk rock squatting is cool 'til ya end up with truly filthy people who shit in the corner or the uglies who fuck skanks mere feet from you when you try to sleep), but, as I say, they're "unrefined." Guy and a chick yell'n'snarl, and all kinds of punk greats in their early (read: shitty-sounding, but pure) daze come to mind, and this collection is everything the band ever did, all on one 35-song CD.

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