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200 North | Watching the World Die | review | hardcore | Lollipop

200 North

Watching the World Die (Da' Core)
by Adrian Bromley

There are a lot of bands out there like Maryland's 200 North. You know the story: The band went through a lot of hardships starting out, losing band members and the like, and after of years of perseverance, they finally get a solid line-up and sign to a label and get their record out. The problem with this scenario is that 200 North's debut for Da'Core Records isn't all that good. I mean, the production is good, but the band never really taps into any cool vibe that would catch the ear of an avid hardcore fan (or music critic) and draw them in for a more intense listen. Bland and poorly executed for the most part. Back to the drawing board and good luck with album two, boys.
(4407 Bowes Ave. West Mifflin, PA 15122)

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