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Everything Went Shit (Johann's Face)
by Tim Den

Traitors were a band that existed in the mid-'90s whose members eventually went on to form the likes of Alkaline Trio and The Atari Star. But don't you dare think that Traitors were a poppy indie rock act. In fact, consider yourselves warned. Everything Went Shit is a collection of the band's first "lost" album along with multiple 7"/comp/unreleased tracks, demonstrating that the Traitors were in fact Naked Raygun on a tea-bagging spree. Snotty, fast, angry, and armed with a takenoshit attitude, Traitors were rampaging punks proud of their (supposed) "most hated band in Chicago" rep. Think you're man enough?
(PO Box 479164 Chicago, IL 60647)  

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