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The Sign Offs

The Sign Offs (Disaster)
by Scott Hefflon

Fuckin' DAMN! Every so often, a young'n'snotty band comes along that knows the roots of punk rock but doesn't make a big deal about it. They just do their thing, which is blow everyone else off the stage. The Sign Offs are not the guys you'd ask to housesit while you're on vacation, nor would you trust 'em in the same room alone with your drunk girlfriend, but they're worth the cover charge every time. They're from Cleveland, only about 18 or so, but obviously played along with their D-Gen, Dead Boys, Turbonegro, and U.S. Bombs records while grounded yet again for shoplifting firecrackers, porn mags. and beer from the convenience store.
(Box 7112 Burbank, CA 91510)  

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