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Mirror Reveals | Divinity | review | avant | electro | Lollipop

The Mirror Reveals

Divinity (Middle Pillar)
by DJ Arcanus

Before releasing their sophomore album, The Mirror Reveals released Divinity to show the new, more complex direction they've taken with their sound. Violinist Joanna Dalin, formerly of Backworld, gives the songs a delicate beauty reminiscent of The Changelings that will mesmerize the listener. The title track is brilliantly composed with soothing soundscapes and clear haunting vocals. Since the disappearance of the Hyperium label, few bands have achieved such wonder and grace. "Forsaken by Sky" is driven by acoustic guitars and accompanied by sweet violin melodies. It has a lighter, more folky feel than "Divinity." "Julia" is the last vocal track, and also the only song with male vocals. He laments because Julia is in an unbreakable trance. His voice sounds distant, almost hollow without her. The violin sounds like it's weeping with the singer as he hopes this song will bring her back to him. The final track is instrumental. It takes a journey to another dimension, transporting the soul to otherwise unattainable heights. Each note from the guitars ascends while the synths and violin create the surrounding rich landscape. The Mirror Reveals teases us with this release as it shows promise to surpass their debut masterpiece.


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