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Shockwave | Omega Supreme | review | hardcore | Lollipop


Omega Supreme (Triple Crown)
by Adrian Bromley

Sometimes a hobby turns into something bigger, and while some don't know how to handle the situation, those who can deal with it find the results can be rewarding. Take hardcore/metal act Shockwave and their love for Transformer toys. Not only have they incorporated their images and sounds (cool cartoon snippets from the TV series) into their music, but Shockwave also manage to transform stylistically from song to song, just like Optimus Prime turned into a Mac Truck! This compilation - a roundup of 7"s, demo and unreleased material ("Bruticus") from 1996 to 2001 - is not a half-assed effort, it's full of material that really keeps the groove flowing ("Chamelicom," "Shockwave") and the metallic surge pumping ("Swindle"). This would've been a great album for a Transformer tie-in. Just a thought...

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