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No Redeeming Social Value | 40 oz of Hardcore | review | hardcore | Lollipop

No Redeeming Social Value

40 oz of Hardcore (Triple Crown)
by Tim Den

Classic NYHC in that kinda-metal, late-'80s-Agnostic Front way. Ya gotta love No Redeeming Social Value. Funny, carefree, always a good time with their humorous antics and "moshable" jams. This here CD compiles a crapload of their out-of-print 7"s, as well as a few live tracks and a new studio track. With songs like "Your Boyfriend's a Guido," "Chicken" (as in the food), "Bite My Ass," and "Fabio," this stuff's not for the PC types. For the rest of us, lace up the boots, it's creepy crawly time!
(331 West 57th St. PMB 473 New York, NY 10019)  

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