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Moon Theory | review | electro | Lollipop

Moon Theory

Moon Theory (Ursa Minor)
by DJ Arcanus

This album is absolutely sexy. It has trip-hop, rock, and Kaeti O'Ghara's vocals, which range from aggressive to sensual. Half of the album has trip-hop sounds, percussions, and bass with rock guitars. The other half is softer with the trip-hop in the forefront. The lyrics are very Gothic, shrouded in darkness, sometimes in anger. Moon Theory puts themselves into orbit from the get-go with "Insomnia," which sounds like Curve with a trip-hop edge. Thumping basslines are accompanied by loud guitars and even louder, rawer vocals. The album turns softer with "Momentary." Kaeti's honeyed voice sounds like a seductive version of The Cardigans. This is followed by "Feed Your Master," which adds a robotic effect to her voice for the verses. If a computer were programmed to have a sexy voice, this would be it. The chorus goes back to the more aggressive style heard earlier to wake the listener up from the comforts of whispered words. The album continues on this electronic/trip-hop journey and would be perfect for sex if you have a CD player where you can eliminate "Blasphemy" from the mix. Although this song has its entertainment value, it takes away from the overall album. The music stutters, then stop and dialogue ensues. This song, or part of one, is a slam against the FCC, where the police and FCC agents come to the studio to arrest Kaeti for providing an Internet radio stream. She sounds so sweet and innocent until they come into the booth, at which point she calls them all sorts of wonderful names and they take her away. Down with those fucking monkey Nazi motherfuckers!

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