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Home from Home (Epitaph)
by Scott Hefflon

Sweden's answer to mid-'90s SoCal punkpop long ago outgrew their skapunk beginnings and knock-off sound to become a powerhouse of a poppunk band on par with Lagwagon, No Use for A Name and a few others who realized jumpy beats and songs about girls were merely the first step... And now they've evolved yet again. The differences are subtle (fans of The Ataris will still think these guys rule), but it's bigger, fuller, and more Rock! They're from Sweden, right? And if ya didn't realize most of the rock (and metal, but I may be pushing my luck with your musical dexterity) from Sweden is top-notch, well, you need to start listening... Home From Home is produced by Lou Giordano who helped push forward such crossover successes as Samiam, Goo Goo Dolls, Lemonheads, and Sugar, among others. So while I like the previous record, Pennybridge Pioneers, better (also, cuz I'm into the full-on Swede/garage rock on Bad Afro and Gearhead and the like - The Chronics, Demons, and poppier stuff like Randy - so this is still pretty punkpop to these ears) cuz it was unapologetic punkpop, and luscious stuff at that (produced by Mr. Brett, who ain't no slouch behind the board).
(2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)  

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