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Mick Jagger | Goddess in the Doorway | review | rock | Lollipop

Mick Jagger

Goddess in the Doorway (Virgin)
by Jon Sarre

Mick Jagger still looks good, I guess, for a guy pushing sixty or however old he is and he probably still dances around like Gimme Shelter was shot last week. "Probably," I say, cuz I can't afford to see the Stones, and my all-access shitty punk rock dive privs don't work in arenas, natch, so I don't know from personal ken, but we ain't in court (not yet, anyhow) so hearsay's okay with me, at least for these purposes. So anyhow, forgive me for sayin', but I think mebbe Mick's done gone senile. I mean, Mick, you're in THE ROLLING STONES. You are The Rolling Stones, you and Keif anyhow. Charlie's a great drummer, but he's still just the drummer and Ronnie Wood is a replacement of a replacement and Bill Wyman had to be stuck bein' the only one with the personal integrity to ditch the whole thing and retire (so he could "work" with children) whence it became apparent to all interested observers that the damn band is nothin' but a phenomenally highly paid oldies act, which makes the Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band in the World at this Very Moment New Bomb Turks (by default, cuz I can't think of anyone better). Obviously Mick's got Alzheimer's cuz he forgot that he's already failed at bein' a solo artist several times in the past, so what do ya do? Humor him like when yer grandpappy tells ya the same story he just told ya five minutes ago? I think in Mick's case, we need stronger measures, the guy's callin' up a talent as dubious as Lenny Kravtiz to "co-write" a song, f'Chri'sakes! Was Beck not answering his phone that day? As far as the rest of the faux house/disco crap that gets flounced out, here goes, man, Keith'd be rolling in his grave, if he's had the good sense to die (but don't count on that kids, Keith'll outlive us all!). Mick will too, but being immortal still doesn't give ya the right to subject us to this dumb record, it's only this reporter's opinion but havin' more money than everyone I will ever meet stacked end to end does not give you license to do anything you want, even with a Bush in the White House!


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