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Horus On The Horizon (12th Planet Music)
by Craig Regala

This isn't a general interest mag, so you'll get this: Greenwood are to Kyuss what Grand Funk (sans hits ability) were to Zeppelin. They hone down a straight rock attack for a kick-ass potential that's a clean, heavied-out "grunge" thing as much as a "stoner" one. Really, Horus... isn't far from an on-fire Nixons or Candlebox updated within 1-800-KYUS-SDNA parameters. Rather than bringing a distinct personality to the table, they're picking up on the longer flowing jamming side of AZ Generator Party Rock, roughly like Natas, just as Dozer lifts off from the hammerdown beat ass side. A decent enough place to start. In general, this is my beat, so I think every town should have a band working this general terrain. Maybe not this straight, 'cause recorded technology has toughened the competition and provided a template for both the listener and, too-often, the bands - neither of whom are serviced by adhering to one. I don't hear a breakout tune either, if I can be crass in an "I'm gonna make me a stoner CDR" way. That kind of tuneability will be necessary for conquest unless their development takes them farther from the worn path. The singer kinda reminds me of that guy from Candlebox, not as shrill, but set into the music in the same orthodox fashion. The longer tracks, especially the last, "Seas Of Another World," work the best for me. The playing is serviceable to the groove, locked-in and heading towards 10 minutes without bonking or bullshit, a good sign.
(1881 Yonge St. PO Box 48040 Toronto ON, M4S 3CO Canada)  

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