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Signatures: House and Trance Revisited 01 (Neurodisc)
by DJ Arcanus

After almost a decade of setting dancefloors on fire with his mad skillz, Garfield releases his recorded mix debut. The mixing is flawless, as one might expect from such a big name DJ, although Garfield does not spend much time beatmatching in the traditional sense. Instead of laying a new beat over the current track, he matches up long intros to make the mixes sound natural. Few DJs have this talent and foresight to work in new songs. Many of the artists on this album, such as Yakooza, Green Court, Pro Tech, and Hypetraxx, are well known throughout the techno community. Starting off the mix with solid trance mixed with a little anthem puts it in high gear. Unfortunately, the follow-up with Yakooza may not have been the best choice. There are a few long lulls in the song where silence fills the air for many seconds. Not a single sound can be heard. It's okay on a CD, but a dancefloor would be awkward if there were so many pauses, unless something else was being played alongside. This is not the case on the CD. All the other selections have catchy melodies and solid beats. There's a Biblical reading during the Green Court track and appropriately enough, the mix ends with the Superman theme.

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