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Through the Eyes (Universal)
by Scott Hefflon

In nü metal terms, "diverse" seems to mean "we can play loud and soft." Young'n'dum (sic) as metal typically is (and I say that with a number of faded jean jackets with sewn-on patches hanging in my closet), Flaw would make a decent opener for bands like Tool (though Tool're cool enough to actually have In Flames and Meshuggah and Fantômas open for them, cuz really, why go see Tool and see two openers who're simply popular Tool clones?), Deftones, or Disturbed, and seeing as they're from the Louisville, KY "scene" (does Tantric/Days of the New, Primer 55, and maybe one or two other semi-names constitute a scene? Really, do we feel that scared and alone that we have to fake community spirit at every turn?) and have the right accessories (they hired a good producer and have funny hair, piercings, tats, and muscles), they have as much chance to "break on through to the other side" (heh) as any of the rest of the interchangeable "groove" bands who work "melody" (some fourth-rate Staind melody, and Staind only get away with it cuz, oooh, Aaron is a deep, troubled guy, maaaan) into their distorted ranting (done to death by the mid-'90s by actual "new metal" bands like Pantera, White Zombie, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Ministry, Helmet, Prong, and a handful of others, some of which have had the good graces to break up and not be like Black Sabbath, ruining a legacy by milking it a decade after producing anything worthwhile). Kind of a snoozer of a record, really.


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