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Thumb Wars | Blair Thumb | review | dvd | Lollipop

Thumb Wars

The Blair Thumb

by John Bikowski

When I first heard about a Star Wars spoof made with thumbs, I thought at best it would be in the mid-range of a continuum. The range I envisioned went from some guy with his thumb up his butt claiming to be Darth InVader to magic-markered faces on wrestling thumbs. I was shocked to find that Thumb Wars transcended my hopes and established itself as a must-see party DVD. Created by Steve Oedekerk, this 29-minute filmette pokes fun at all the quirks in Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. What makes this a comedy gem is the use of computer technology to seamlessly superimpose animated faces onto real thumbs. Yup... everyone in the film is a thumb.

You know the basic tale; Loke Groundrunner teams with Princess Bunhead to stamp out Black Helmet Man and the evil Thumbpire. There are too many hilarious kickers to explain. Yoda cryptically admits to being a puppet, light sabers war with "Raooorrr" sounds made by the fighters' mouths, heads pop off for asking inane questions, and much, much more. All delivered with great timing and at a quick pace.

The film looks and sounds great and is accompanied by some cool extras. There's a nifty running audio commentary by the creators, storyboards, a disgusting Gabba the Butt interview, and trailers which include Thumbtanic and The Blair Thumb. Be the first to show this film to your friends and they will thank you for it, as soon as they stop laughing their asses off.

The most recent Thumbation production that Image has available is The Blair Thumb. This re-telling of The Blair Witch Project doesn't sustain the rapid-fire humor of Thumb Wars. Perhaps this is more a problem with the source material than with the spoof. Though I enjoyed The Blair Witch, the concept seemed to run thin. As our little thumb friend says, "We're in the woods... and there are sounds... in the woods." That basically sums it up. This is not to say that The Blair Thumb doesn't have its moments; the campers are attacked by a Great White and then argue about whether there are really sharks in the woods, and some of the expressions of the town rednecks are priceless. Shortening the 28-minute running time would have helped. But you really can't go wrong here... for under $10, Image is offering this very unique entertainment and it comes loaded with goofy extras. There are outtakes, storyboards, and trailers for other films like Frankenthumb and Bat Thumb. Strangest of all is the option to choose a "sane" audio commentary or one called "insane." The insane commentary is essentially what would result if the gang from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest got loaded on meds and watched the film. Final verdict: Buy both DVDs... now.

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